I contributed character animation to this fun music video directed by Chris Lenox Smith of Mixtape Club for the Primus song "Lee Van Cleef". I was primarily responsible for the animation in the "saloon" sequence, as well as Lee Van Cleef's rear walk cycle and various odds and ends. I also worked on the animatic and helped doing 2.5d previz in AE for some of the environments. It was a blast animating this spazzy & menacing zombie! It was great to see the project from its inception all the way to completion, something I don't often get the chance to do as a freelancer. Check out the making of tumblr for more behind the scenes action.

UPDATE: "Lee Van Cleef" won the GRAND PRIZE for Best Commissioned Animation at the 2012 Ottowa International Animation Festival!
A still from one of the shots I animated.
Demo of the funky 2.5d AE face rig.
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